Great glasses don’t happen by accident, they happen by appointment! And having your eyes tested shouldn’t be a chore – just ask our loyal PEEP fans who drop by regularly to chat all things films, cats and what’s going on in the West.


Here at PEEP, we believe that seeing healthy is just as important as looking fabulous. Did you know diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and diet can all affect the health of your eyes?


Eye tests are available throughout the week and after hours upon request. Comprehensive eye examinations will involve vision testing and a thorough eye health check, including retinal photography on our Topcon Maestro 2 Optical Coherence Tomographer.

This latest OCT unit enables non-invasive imaging of the retina’s distinctive layers by capturing cross-sectional scans of the back of your eyes, which is critical for the monitoring of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease.


Our visual field machine released by Zeiss in 2019, is up to 50% faster than other machines of their kind. And if you’ve ever submitted to a visual field test, you’d appreciate how important this extra speediness is!

It’s a useful tool in detecting glaucoma and other neurological conditions as it assesses your peripheral vision.

A requirement on certain VicRoads driving license update forms is the binocular Estermann test, and this Zeiss unit is one of the few models around that can complete this testing protocol.


Medicare bulk billing is available for pensioners, health care card holders and students in primary and secondary school. We request that you bring along any glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses currently in use.


PEEP offers HICAPS claiming for instant rebates from most health insurance providers. So bring in your private health fund card today to find out what products you are eligible to claim on.




Tuesday – Friday
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10am – 6pm


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