PEEP for kids

We care about the little peepers here, just as much as the adult ones! Vision plays such a crucial part in education and in this digital age, screens and devices can be as much a part of our children’s lives as our own.

Have you considered how this affects your child’s eyes?

Modern Issues

A lifetime of screen use is a reality for our kids’ generations and recent studies have shown the detrimental effects of blue wavelengths of light emitted from these devices. Not only this, studies have linked extended periods of up close work to higher rates of short-sightedness.

So why not speak to our optometrist today to protect and nurture your little one’s developing eyes!


In conducting a comprehensive eye examination, we can identify focussing and muscular issues and the answer is not always a pair of glasses – it may involve certain eye exercises or recommendations for changes in certain tasks and habits.

Children can often be scared about seeing a medical professional, so we aim to make our comprehensive children’s eye examinations fun and interactive.

Kids Collections

We stock a range of kid’s optical frames and sunglasses that fit the ages of 0-12 months through to the teens.

Explore below.




Designed by Nathalie Blanc for petite faces and teens, this might just be the most luxe and sophisticated collection for the young and fashionable. Injecting adult sensibilities into each frame, she manages to create mini-me versions of her most iconic frames and translates them to a younger audience. French, fun and fitted for small faces, your teens will be the envy of their classmates in a pair of these!

Onirico 6-13



The little sister label to Onirico, Onirico 6-13 is our newest collection to hit the shelves! With a kaleidoscope range of colours, each frame has fun details that make them unique and will have your child wanting to wear their frames every day.

We don’t do cartoon characters at PEEP. We do cool Italian glasses 🙂




Known around the world for their easy, breezy, ready-made readers, IZIPIZI also designs a children’s range.

Our best-selling kids sunglass range, we can’t wait for the cool colours in matt finishes to be released each season, updated to reflect the latest trends. Made from a super flexible material that is difficult to break, there is one for all sizes from 0-10 years of age!