From 11th June 2021, following the two week circuit breaker lockdown, PEEP resumes routine eye testing and care.

Contactless collection or drop off of glasses and contact lenses is still available, upon request.


We have strict hygiene protocols and will be spacing our appointments out, to enable adequate time for disinfection and maintaining a COVID-safe workplace.

Due to the extra time allocated per client, please be mindful of the impact of last minute cancellations on a small business such as ours.


Any clients who have cold or flu-like symptoms, who are themselves (or have a family member) currently awaiting COVID-19 test results; MUST reschedule their appointment for the safety of our staff and other clients.


Given we are a small practice with limited staff, any exposure in the store would extremely impact our ability to continue to serve your eye needs.

Hand sanitiser is provided in store for use before trying on spectacles and sunglasses.


For contact lens wearers, please bring along your contact lens case to your appointment.


Antibacterial soap and warm water is best before inserting or removing your lenses. If hand sanitiser is used, we recommend rinsing your hands with water afterwards to remove any alcohol residue to avoid any lens surface damage.

As of 26th May 2021, face masks are mandatory for entry into our store, as per the DHHS restrictions.


During an eye consultation, there may be times when the mask will need to be removed for short periods to avoid testing objects fogging up. If you are uncomfortable with this, it may be best to reschedule your appointment for now.

Each frame in store is cleaned down with Clinell disinfectant wipes after handling to ensure minimal transmission risk from choosing your new specs. These are medical grade tools used in hospitals and are effective against viruses and bacteria.


We maintain strict hygiene in the consulting room and on the retail floor and have spaced our available appointments apart to ensure adequate time and care can be taken to sterilise our space.

Sick of your glasses fogging up when you wear your mask? Ask us about our anti-fog coating that can be included on your new glasses – we can demonstrate it’s effectivity in store!


If new glasses aren’t an option for you, the next best thing may be contact lenses to enable you to be spectacle free while masks are mandatory. See our contact lens page for more information on appointments and what is involved to set you up.




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