Giorgio Nannini

Manufacturing since 1954, the Nannini group initially started manufacturing technical glasses for car and motorcycle racers. With strength and durability as their core values, the group has now branched out to produce a new line Giorgio Nannini which is a new addition to PEEP’s eclectic collection.

A sister lable to Onirico, the group showcases their versatility in design and eyewear style with two starkly contrasting collections.

One of the standout features for this GN collection, which is sure to delight eyewear connoisseurs, is the combination of polished acetate with the organic, textural roughness and matt finish of unpolished acetate.  The marriage of these opposing finishes in the same frame has been used to create sharp lines and subtle textural contrasts which add another dimension to their chunky sunglasses and spectacles.

Their love of country and heritage has spurred the Nannini group to produce 1500 protective glasses per day for healthcare workers during the COVID-10 pandemic – a testament to their Italian pride during a time of great devastation for their country.