Nathalie Blanc

Dreamed up in her Paris workshop, Nathalie’s frames are aimed at chic and sophisticated men and women of all age groups. Utilising upscale materials such as high-grade cellulose acetate, titanium and stainless steel dipped in palladium for four days to achieve an unparalleled gloss and metallic sheen, which is then gold plated; each frame has a high-fashion look and feel.


Wearing glasses from a young age and then working as an optician for over 20 years has armed Nathalie with not only an eye for detail but also a distinctive French savoir-faire that has seen her be awarded multiple Silmo D’Or awards (one of the highest accolades in global eyewear design).


Alongside her namesake collection, she has also released a teen or petite range called Blanc which is also manufactured in France. Perfect for smaller faces while maintaining a sophisticated style, when it comes to Blanc, there are no childlike designs for those sassy teens out there.


With so much promise after just one collection, we can’t wait to see where this eyewear fashion house goes. Think French, think Nathalie Blanc Paris!