Folc is dedicated to the people who support independent brands, brands in which the most important points are the design and quality of the product. As such, folc has no visible branding on the outside of their frames, but they have a distinct structure that designer Marta is very passionate about and has worked tirelessly to create.


Lamination of different coloured acetates and subtle stacking of layers or etching to decrease volume in certain parts creates frames that have subtle internal lines and a real structural feel that is at once visually intriguing and comfortable to wear as well.


Marta is a true eyewear designer who never misses a detail, from subtle unpolished acetate accents which complement the flow of the frame, down to matching the “bloom” or sheen of the back surface anti-reflective coatings to the colour of the frame. And no wonder, she has been designing for global eyewear labels and accessories labels for over ten years.


It’s no secret that we love our Spanish eyewear and the bright pops of colour throughout this collection make these pieces truly covetable, see for yourself – designed in Barcelona, sculpted in Italy.