Contact Lenses

Contact lenses don’t have to be for full time wear – many people of all ages enjoy the freedom of daily disposable contact lenses for special occasions, for sport or certain professions where glasses may be cumbersome or downright annoying. Did we mention glasses + masks = FOG?


As a contact lens wearer herself, your optometrist Alison is passionate about contact lens fitting for all ages and knows the importance of a patient teacher when it comes to sticking contacts into eyeballs. During an initial contact lens consultation, you will be instructed on how to insert and remove your contact lenses, as well as how to maintain them ongoing.

Already have a valid contact lens prescription? Simply bring it in to PEEP – we deal with all major brands of lenses (such as Acuvue, Purevision, Coopervision Biofinity and more) and we can re-order for you. A thorough assessment of your eye health and contact lens fit is recommended yearly, to ensure no adverse changes are occurring to your corneas.

Contact lens materials are constantly evolving, so if you have decided to stop wearing contacts due to discomfort, dryness or poor vision, it may be time to try something new! Come in to discuss your options and we can keep you up to date on the new technology and advancements in contact lenses that are happening all the time.


Contact lens appointments are generally not covered by Medicare, but will always be delivered by your qualified optometrist, rather than front-of-house staff.

The initial teach and fitting appointment will last at least 45 minutes so you don’t feel rushed and have time to practise. Enquire in store today for consultation pricing.